Since its founding in 2000, Inperio Systems has been developing pioneering solutions for communication, entertainment and information systems. The focus is on standard and customized solutions for mobile applications and vehicles. In 2017, the development center in Bad W├╝nnenberg started operations. As part of this expansion, we are focusing on software solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Our solutions bring together IoT devices of all types in a digital network. They give devices their own identity and manage, capture, maintain and control "the objects on the Internet". The portfolio includes customized device management, container technologies, the realization of secure virtualized infrastructures (cloud technologies), the development and validation of apps for the IoT, mobile security, standardized secure protocols and modern object-oriented database technologies. All solutions are customizable and expandable by the customer.

In addition to popular products such as computers, smartphones and tablets, Inperio Systems brings the IoT devices "online", which are classically only available in the "offline world". Target markets include energy, transportation, industry, such as connected factories, machinery and supply chains, and service providers such as logistics, commerce, warehousing, assembly, and customer service.