Your Product Advantages

You need the highest performance and productivity for your fleet management?
Cost efficiency is a high priority?
The ENVADER® Telematics Systems are our solution for your most challenging requirements for an efficient, safe and reliable fleet management.

ENVADER® Telematics Systems
  • Navigate
  • Communicate
  • Organize
  • Locate
  • Inform
  • Entertain
  • Fully intergrated into your future driving workspace.

During rest periods, the ENVADER® will entertain you with music, videos and slide shows.
Optional internet connection is also available.

Your efficient and professional fleet management solution

The ENVADER® is based on proven industrial computing technology. The highest demands for performance, quality, reliability and robustness are the main assets of our ENVADER® series. Whether it is Death Valley or North Cape, hundreds of thousands of miles on the highways or dirt roads, the ENVADER® Telematics Systems by Inperio Systems are always a safe choice.

Our telematics systems solutions powered by the latest high end Intel® Atom™ technology, running Windows® 7 Standard on the brand-new ENVADER® V, are the best candidates for all your future fleet management challenges. 

The highest computing power with an extremely small footprint integrated into the size of a normal 7“ screen. This all provides the best of class reliability, lifetime as well as low installation and maintenance costs for your fleet.

A high resolution 7“ screen enables a clearly arranged central information display. This combined with a multi input concept by touch screen, rotary wheel and dedicated buttons as part of an innovative usability concept to reduce driver distraction to a minimum.

One fits all works

The ENVADER® Telematics Systems are the central interface to your truck. Secure and fast data communication for proactive maintenance, real-time vehicle data and tracking, electronic driver logs and much more.

The all-rounder ENVADER® Telematics Systems are your navigation, tracking, surveillance (3 camera inputs available) and order management system or could be customized for your special needs.