Technical data ENVADER® V
  • 7 inch automotive display
  • Resistive touchscreen
  • Brilliant 800x480 resolution display
  • Fast backlight adjustment
  • Operation by touch screen + rotary push-button + 6 additional buttons
  • Camera input / Analog video inputs 3/1 multiplexed
  • Passive cooled Intel® Atom™ 1GHz CPU (1,6GHz optional)
  • DDR2 – 1GB (2GB optional)
  • 1x Micro SD-Card-Slot
  • GPS with integrated antenna
  • UMTS/GSM-Modem with covered SIM-Card-Slot and integrated antenna
  • D8-Interface (K-Line) for digital tachograph
  • 2x USB 2.0 / 1x RS-232 (2-pin) / 1x RS-232 (9-pin) / 1x RS-485
  • 4x digital I/O
  • 1x Audio controller
  • Mono-Speaker, microphone and headphone interface
  • WLAN and Bluetooth with integrated antenna, optional
  • 2x CAN (RDL Remote Download1 and FMS 1.0/2.01)
  • 1x CAN for custom applications
  • Large input voltage range of min. 8 Volt – max. 32 Volt
  • Auto-Power-Off and under voltage battery protection for 12V and 24V voltage systems
  • Operating temperature range of min. -20°C to max. +70°C
  • Storage temperature range of min. -40°C to max. +85°C
  • CE compliant
  • Windows® Embedded Standard 7
  • Office applications
  • Music and video play back
  • Internet and E-mail

1 Additional software maybe required.

ENVADER® V: Efficiency and productivity at your fingertip!

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