ENVADER® Telematicsystems – your efficient and reliable Fleetmanagement

You need a telematics system, which perfectly and individually fits to the needs of your vehicle fleet- even under extreme conditions? 

We have been developing, producing and distributing telematics systems for commercial vehicles at the location Weichs near Munich site for more than a decade. MADE in GERMANY!

The highly efficient and individually customized ENVADER® systems of the fifth generation offer

  • Navigation
  • Locating
  • Communication
  • Order processing
  • Direct connecting of up to 3 cameras
  • Entertainment
  • Safe usage by resistive touchscreen in combination with quick dial buttons
  • Easy installation through easy antennas
  • Qucik amortization/ROI

ENVADER® V is based on the latest Intel® Atom technology - display and processing unit, all in a single device!

Extremely robust against heat and cold influences as well as material-damaging ballast piles, ENVADER® telematics systems withstand thousands of kilometers and promise the reliable management of your entire vehicle fleet.