Ellen Lohr – Truck racing with ENVADER® V telematics systems under extreme conditions

In 2012 the well-known and popular female truck racer Ellen Lohr was among the first testees of our brand-new ENVADER® V of Inperio Systems. She put our reliable telematics system to the acid test – even before relaunch!

Now the efficient telematics system is a loyal driver companion in Ellen Lohr`s truck. It accompanies the ambassador of Mercedes Benz even on the most inconvenient race track.

Embedded World 2014: The ambassador of Mercedes Benz talks candidly about her passion for her sport and her experiences with our ENVADER® V.

Ellen Lohr has already represented motorsports actively for over 25 years. Apart from the German championship title she gained a victory at DTM (German Touring Car Championship). She has been the first and single female winner so far. In 1997 truck racing became her great passion. Aside from her love for racing the ambassador of Mercedes Benz is also an enthusiastic and highly talented speaker, representative and columnist.

Her racing team is Truckdrive JRT.

Since 2013 Inperio Systems is the highly dedicated main sponsoring partner of Ellen Lohr. Furthermore Inperio Systems sponsors since 2014 the two racing teams Tankpool24 and Buggyra as well als Anthony Janiec, Ellen Lohr`s contemporary racing partner. Already for the second time Inperio Systems has actively supported all sponsoring partners with its show truck at the International ADAC Truck Grand-Prix at the Ring 2014. Buggyra has been among the happy winners at this event.

In Ellen Lohr`s truck: "This is a drive at a breathtaking pace."

Our ENVADER® V is submitted to the harshest conditions while performing flawlessly at truck races.
See for yourself!

Inperio Systems is a proud sponsor of Ellen`s truck racing team.

Inperio Systems is displayed as main sponsoring partner on Ellen Lohr`s truck. Her current race team Truckdrive JRT is also sponsored.

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