About us
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Located in Weichs, near Munich, Inperio Systems was founded in 2000.

Apart from Inperio Systems, its sister company, E.E.P.D. , also develop, manufacture and produce in Weichs near Munich. Both companies have been working in close collaboration for years, sharing core competencies and years of experience and know-how. 

Since the beginning Inperio Systems has refined its product line by pushing the innovation boundaries to offer cost-effective and flexible telematics systems for the automotive segment.

Every sister company can draw on additional synergistic resources to maximize efficiency and ensure the best and most flexible and reliable solution meeting customers’ expectations and surpassing the latest quality standards.

Both companies have their in-house design, development and production center thus offering an optimized process. Quality is of the utmost importance and every product is thoroughly inspected and tested to resist extreme conditions at Inperio Systems´ own environmental laboratory.

“We want our customers to benefit from our technology, by offering solutions which are easy and intuitive to use while being a low and safe investment.”